SiteVision for Civil Construction

Whether you’re communicating new designs, changes to field crews, designing temporary works, doing inspections, determining construction productivity, checking grade or recording quick as-built measurements on-site, SiteVision makes understanding the project simple at every step of the process. You can view and share existing designs at any phase of construction or create simple in-field designs in a real-world context at 1:1 scale.

SiteVision plays a key role in all stages of the construction life cycle: planning and initial visualization, checking and measuring progress and identifying issues to reduce cost and increase efficiency. From concept to completion, integrated, high-accuracy GNSS and remote distance measurement capabilities enable you to quickly and confidently direct operations right from your mobile device.

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SiteVision Features

Data Support

Accurately georeference your fully attributed and constructible models from Trimble Business Center (VCL and TTM) using your existing site calibration. Supports third-party design data in LandXML and DWG formats, and shapefiles (SHP) for all your sub-surface utility data from Utility GIS systems.

Visualization Tools

Selectively view every element of the constructible model from subgrade to finished surface, with all of the associated services using the layer viewing controls. Compare the designs with the current site by adjusting the transparency. Enable pit view for a better perspective of the depth-accurate subsurface look at utilities, in true 1:1 scale.

Cloud Connection

Your crew gets easy access to the latest approved design revision via Trimble Connect direct to your mobile device. Measurements and reporting are automatically sent back through Trimble Connect for simplified data management.


Capture augmented reality photos, quick measurements and notes to create tasks, report on project status and request clarifications; and then share or assign them to project members, all in real time from the field.

In-field design

Measure points on site to create simple in-field designs of trenches, banks, haul roads, retention works or building pads. Visually check the proposed design on site, then upload to Trimble Earthworks to construct the surface. Surface designs are stored for reference in Trimble Connect and future use in Trimble Business Centre. Create and visualize concepts, from traffic management plans to machine positioning and reach, by placing and orienting SketchUp models on site.

Measure, record and inspect as-built

Check grade and earthworks progress. Record the location of as-built services. Inspect completed works and record completed lengths and areas with visual checks. Use augmented reality images to create a record of time, locations and status against design to confirm completion for payment.