Construction Class Catalog

Business Center Heavy Civil Edition (BC-HCE) Basics–1 Session
Covers BC-HCE basic program installation, operation and use, including student guide for installation and basics


Business Center Heavy Civil Edition (BC-HCE) Data Prep–4 Sessions
Covers BC-HCE data preparation, importing digital drawing files, vector and non-vector PDFs, elevating lines, data cleanup, and preparation for export to SCS900 and GCS900 controllers
Prerequisites: BC-HCE Basics


Business Center Heavy Civil Edition (BC-HCE) Takeoff–2 Sessions
Covers BC-HCE Takeoff, setting up MSI items, defining and developing surfaces, defining and developing curb work and linear features, defining strata, boring logs, working with Earthwork balance, area/length/count, and Takeoff Reports
Prerequisites: BC-HCE Basics and BC-HCE Data Prep


Business Center Heavy Civil Edition (BC-HCE) Corridor–4 Sessions
Covers BC-HCE Corridor features and setup, alignment setup and development, corridor parameter definitions, digitizing cross-sections from paper maps, or from CAD lines, intersection and Cul-de-sac tools
Prerequisites: BC-HCE Basics and BC-HCE Data Prep


Business Center Heavy Civil Edition (BC-HCE) Advanced–6 Sessions
Covers BC-HCE Basics, Data Prep, Takeoff, Corridor classes, coverage of Site Mass Haul, Corridor Mass Haul, Drill Plans, and other advanced features


SCS900 Core–2 Sessions
Covers SCS900 Core features, GPS/UTS site setups, GPS base and rover setup, site calibration, measurement modes, stake out of lines and points, and volume and stockpile measurements


SCS900 Roading–1 Session
Covers SCS900 Roading module, road surface and feature staking, offset staking and road development
Prerequisites: SCS900 Core


SCS900 Advanced Measurement–1 Session
Covers SCS900 Advanced measurement module, feature library setup and use in SCS900
Prerequisites: SCS900 Core


GSC900 Basic Use–2 Sessions
Covers GCS900 in a classroom environment, display settings, verification of accuracy, offsets, vertical guidance, horizontal guidance, lane guidance, data management and synchronization