You buy Trimble products because you count on them to get the job done. Your warranty coverage ensures that you keep getting the job done! Our plans make good business sense and provide you with a worry-free ownership experience as long as you own the coverage!

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Factory Warranties

Factory warranties are included with Trimble hardware, firmware, and software purchases. Typically, factory warranties are issued for a 12-month period. The start date for a Factory Warranty is the date any bundle, configuration level, or options/modules were first installed onto the device using Trimble Installation Manager. Before the factory warranty has expired, it is a good idea to extend the warranty with a Trimble Protected Plan.

Trimble Protected Plans

There are a variety of Trimble Protected plans available. Plans may be purchased in one-year increments, up to five years at a time. You may also schedule your various plans to renew at the same time each year.

Advantages: Hardware

  • Protects Against Hardware Defects
  • Transferable Ownership – Warranty follows serial number
  • Protection Against Failure Due to Wear and Tear – includes damage from repetitive use resulting in equipment that does not function to specification
  • Protection Against Failure Due to Environmental Damage – includes dust, heat, humidity, and salt air when used in accordance with intended equipment specifications
  • Surge Protection – includes damage due to a surge in Trimble-manufactured power supplies
  • Annual Inspect-Clean-Calibrate Allowance for Total Stations – one unit per year

Advantages: Firmware

  • Minor Updates, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes
  • Firmware Updates to Help Maintain Total System Compatibility
  • Transfer of Trimble Software License


In-Warranty pricing will be available for products within Factory or Extended Warranty period. Hardware products not within Factory or Extended Warranty period will be subject to out-of-warranty pricing. Software products that have lapsed in coverage by more than 90 days, to over a year, will be subject to Reinstatement or Loyalty prices, respectively.