DPS900 Dynamic Compaction System

Increase safety, productivity, and quality with the DPS900 Dynamic Compaction System - the industry's first aftermarket, 3D dynamic compaction system for the mixed fleet operator.


Features and Benefits

  • Automate As-Built Recording - Reduce human error and generate accurate reports to track drop counts, displacement, and energy for each drop location.
  • Navigate to Drop Locations Accurately Without Stakes - Drop locations are evenly spaced to achieve consistent compaction results throughout the project.
  • Reduce Navigation Time between Drop Locations - Reduced time navigating between drop locations means more time spent compacting, leading to more productivity, reduced costs and increased profits.
  • Increase Site Safety - Using DPS900 for navigation increases safety by notifying operators of areas to avoid, reducing blind spots and removing the need for people to stand near the machine.



The DPS900 Dynamic Compaction System is ideal for:

  • Airports
  • Roads
  • Industrial buildings
  • Land reclamation