Trimble MPS566

Precise positioning and heading, anywhere

The Trimble MPS566 Modular GNSS Heading Receiver is a high accuracy, dual-antenna GNSS heading receiver with advanced connectivity. The MPS566 receiver delivers highly accurate positions and orientation from a wide variety of GNSS correction sources. Using constellation-agnostic Trimble ProPoint® technology, the MPS566 performs in even the most challenging GNSS conditions.

This ‘all-in-one’ unit incorporates the latest industry-leading positioning technology along with a full suite of modern communications capabilities, in a rugged, compact housing that can withstand even the harshest of work environments. With a modular form factor, the MPS566 receiver is flexible and can be used as an integrated position, heading and communication receiver on machines, vessels or vehicles. The MPS566 receiver allows the connection of two GNSS antennas for more precise heading.

More productive with multi-constellation

Stay productive with multi-constellation support for the best positioning availability, accuracy and resilience even in challenging environments. Obtain precise position and heading when antennas have an obstructed view of the sky, or where multipath may be present. The MPS566 receiver always delivers precise heading, even when no GNSS corrections are received.

Multiple real-time corrections options

With the option of utilizing Trimble CenterPoint® RTX, Fugro Marinestar, Trimble VRS Now™, IBSS or MSK Beacon GNSS correction services, the MPS566 receiver delivers varying levels of precision down to centimeter level without the use of a base station*. Achieve precise positioning almost anywhere without a GNSS base station or use the MPS566 internal UHF radio to receive RTK corrections from a local base network.

Advanced connectivity

Work faster and smarter with connectivity that provides corrections from multiple sources, including the internet. With an LTE modem inside, it is now easier to use base-station-free IBSS/VRS onsite as well as communicate with the receiver via the internet. The receiver can also be used as an internet gateway for file transfer and remote support, saving you time and money


  • All-in-one unit saving space and power requirements
  • Internal UHF radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MSK Beacon and 4G LTE communications
  • LTE supports IBSS, Trimble VRS Now and NTRIP internet correction
  • Precise GNSS heading with optional INS
  • Weatherproof, high-impact resistant marine alloy housing for protection from extreme conditions

Marine construction

The MPS566 receiver provides precise position and heading directly into Trimble Marine Construction Software. Achieve accurate, efficient dredging using backhoe excavator, cutter suction dredge, wire crane and trailing suction hopper dredges and increase productivity during block placement applications.

Utilize the MPS566 receiver in your Trimble Marine Construction system to support a range of marine construction applications:

  • Capital and maintenance dredging
  • Aggregate dredging
  • Block and structure placement
  • Barge monitoring and anchor handling
  • Beach replenishment
  • Pre and post construction as built surveying

Drilling and piling

The MPS566 is fully compatible with the Trimble Groundworks Machine Control System. Obtain precise locations for more accurate drilling and piling even when multipath interference is present. Achieve the accuracy and precision required for renewable energy construction like solar farms, where precision is extremely important.

Trimble GNSS correction service

Trimble CenterPoint RTX Marine is a real-time correction service using an absolute positioning technique to model and correct GNSS error sources and deliver centimeter-level accuracy available worldwide via satellite or the internet.

CenterPoint RTX Marine is designed to work seamlessly with the MPS566 to boost your on-site productivity and provide the precision you need in marine survey and construction applications.