Trimble LR410 Laser Receiver

The Trimble LR410 Laser Receiver helps enhance and extend the abilities of your 2D grade control system. Mounted to an electric mast on the blade, the LR410 laser receiver is connected to your machine’s hydraulics to control lift to an accuracy of 3 to 6 millimeters.

Red LEDs, located at the top of each window, indicate laser strike position from the center of the laser receiver, out-of-range, power, and error status information. For rigid mast applications, the LEDs provide visual information to set up the receiver. The LED ensures that the laser receiver is set up in the center of the receiving range when manual receiver positioning is required to provide equal range between cuts and fills.

Features and Benefits

Extended Laser Detection Window&mdsash;The LR410 offers an additional 31 mm (1.2") for a total of 231 mm (9.1") of detection length, keeping you in the laser beam longer. Regardless of your application, from rough grading to fine grading, display to automatic, the LR410 ensures more grade information—even on the toughest jobs.

Universal Laser Receiver—The LR410 features an automatic detection circuit that switches the output signal between CAN J1939 or analog depending on the system to which it is connected.

One-Hand Receiver Mount—Designed for easy installation and use in the toughest construction environments. This convenient new clamp allows one-handed mounting and tightening for easy installation and removal. Clamping force improves by over 50% and eliminates the possibility of the receiver rotating or loosening on the mast.

Selectable On-Grade Accuracy—Selectable accuracy within the CB420 control box lets you match your application requirements. Using the right accuracy for the job means clearer feedback to the operator and less display “jitter.” Work to the tolerances demanded by the job by selecting the correct on-grade accuracy.

Built to Last—The LR410’s diecast hermetically sealed housing is designed and built to the most demanding construction industry standards.

  • Full 360° laser detection field of view
  • 231mm (9.1") detection window
  • Linear detection position to within 1.5 mm (0.06")
  • 100% sealed and weatherproof enclosure
  • Sunlight viewable LEDs indicate set up, power and errors
  • Auto-dim LED display
  • Non-rotation clamp
  • Selectable on-grade accuracy from the CB420 control box
  • Industry-standard CAN (SAE J1939) interface
Grading With A Trimble LR410 2D Laser