Spectra Precision DG613/DG813

Designed to fit around tighter inverts, the Spectra Precision DG813 and DG613 deliver the most productive pipe laying experience in the market. Both pipe lasers are extremely rugged and thrive in demanding underground conditions. Benefitting from the latest technology developed by Spectra Precision, the beams move quickly and accurately for alignment and grade.

The top of the range model, DG813, comes with a smart Spot Finder, which the laser can align to automatically and can also calculate the grade – great for checking previous work on a second day set-up. Simple to use, with the new menu driven user interface, the DG813 and DG613 help you improve efficiency and provide unprecedented performance and reliability. Working in the trenches just got easier with DG613/DG813 pipe lasers.


Features & Benefits

  • Shorter length
  •  Grade range -12% to +40%
  • Self-leveling over the entire grade range and full cross axis compensation
  •  Ultra-fast beam movement
  •  Operating range up to 150 m (500 ft) with radio / IR remote control
  •  Big and intuitive graphic display at the laser and remote control (similar to UL633)
  •  IP68 protection (dust and waterproof)
  •  Flexible power options (NiMH / Alkaline)
  • Advanced functions squeezing working time: Line Set/Check (first day setup), Line Scan (second day setup) and Line Alert
  • Automatic functions for beam alignment, beam detection, and grade calculation (DG813 only)



  • Installation of gravity flow sanitary pipelines
  • Storm sewer pipelines
  • Pipe jacking
  • Tunnel boring
  • Can be used in a pipe or in over the top set-ups