Spectra Precision HR220 Laser Receiver

The Spectra Precision® HR220 laser receiver is designed to detect laser beams generated from crossline lasers including the 5.2XL, 1.3XL and 1.5PL. The receiver can extend the indoor working range of these crossline lasers as well as increasing versatility by allowing outdoor use. The HR220 includes a rod clamp that easily attaches to grade rods.

The HR220 features include a large front LCD, a rear-corner Red-Green-Blue LED display, and dual horizontal and vertical level bubbles. A loud audible signal is also emitted and can be set to loud, low or off. The HR220 is waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standards and also withstands a drop of up to 1.5 meters (5 feet) to a hard surface.


  • HR220 receiver allows work indoors or outdoors up to75 m (250 ft) and works in all horizontal and vertical applications
  • Magnetically attaches on ceilings or metal studs eliminating the need for addition accessories
  • Includes a heavy duty rod clamp for elevation control across the jobsite
  • Squared off housing and marking notches on both sides make it easy to mark alignments and elevations
  • Tough composite housing protects against damage due to dropping for lower operating and repair costs
  • Long battery life and automatic shut off keeps the receiver ready to work when needed



  • Interior plumb, level, layout and square applications
  • Exterior level, layout and square applications with XL lasers
  • Decks, septic tank and swimming pool installation
  • Drywall track and walls installation
  • Cabinet and trim installation, finish carpentry
  • Ceiling installation
  • Garage and interior door installation