Effective March 31, 2022

Dear Customer:

Why you are receiving this communication:

Effective March 31, 2022, SITECH Norcal/Oregon will stop selling Trimble Ag technology products in our California and Oregon territories.

We will continue representing other Trimble products in the earthmoving and vertical construction markets we serve. Until Trimble Ag identifies an authorized successor organization to cover our territory we will be providing the following support to our current Ag customers:

  • Any Trimble products that are currently on order with SITECH Norcal/Oregon will be fulfilled thru March 31, 2022. Any parts, systems, and/or software scheduled to be delivered after that date will be cancelled unless specific arrangements have been made with the customer. We will make every effort to meet our customers’ immediate needs during the transition period. We have retained limited service capability to assist with any installation / service needs you may have.
  • SITECH Norcal/Oregon will continue to provide support for our Farmer Pro clients until such time Trimble or other authorized service provider assumes responsibility for this support.
  • Customers currently subscribed to use our RTK network will not be affected as SITECH Oregon will continue to manage and provide support for users of this private network.
  • We will continue to provide any bench service needs you may have with your displays and guidance products as an authorized Trimble Service provider.
  • Vantage-Sierra Cascade and N&S Tractor both have the ability to sell and service Trimble Ag products in their respective areas of responsibility. Vantage-Sierra Cascade can be reached at 800-560-8080 and N&S Tractor at 503-648-4178.
  • For any previous or current billing and accounts receivables questions, please contact SITECH Norcal/Oregon at 503-280-1505 and ask for Josh Decker for assistance.
  • Jonathan Henderson, Trimble Field Applications Engineer, is also available to provide field support assistance and can be reached at 458-292-7150. 

We sincerely thank you for your business and are committed to making your transition to a new Trimble Ag technology provider as smooth as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Graves directly at 503-729-4681 or me at the numbers listed below.

With respect and appreciation,

Jeff Goggin
SITECH Norcal/Oregon