Training for Trimble products and workflows is best determined on an individual basis, so we will work directly with your company and employees to tailor targeted training for the best possible effectiveness.

Trimble Business Center (TBC) Training

Trimble Business Center is the central hub for verifying, editing, and creating all the data elements necessary to utilize the full product line of Trimble products. TBC has the capability of CAD type design modeling, Site Takeoff and Mass Haul, Point Cloud analyzation and manipulation, data packaging for utilization of Trimble field products and cloud software solutions, surveying and a host of other functions related to utilizing data and elements needed in civil construction workflows. SITECH offers training on all aspects of TBC and can tailor training to specific needs of our customers.

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Trimble Base and Rover Training

Trimble Site Positioning products and software are an essential part of implementing Trimble Field Control technologies. Base and Rover consist of the required positioning elements to utilize precise rover technology for Site Calibration, Site Layout and Staking, and Trimble Machine control verification. Field software in integrated data collectors is used to setup, verify, and transfer properly calibrated and formatted data to Trimble Machine Control equipped equipment for proper operation. Field software can also be used for collecting and transferring survey grade data to the back office for use in things such as as-built surveys, stockpile and quantity of materials, and many other in-field data collection and data creation processes. SITECH offers training on the proper setup and calibration using site positioning technologies, integrated with field software, for facilitating all the field workflows for utilizing Trimble Site Positioning and Trimble Machine Control units.

Trimble Machine Control Training

Trimble Machine Control products are the myriad of control technologies integrated with construction equipment to utilize precise positioning and sensor equipped equipment for the application of engineered and designed data on 3D machine control and indicate technologies. SITECH offers operator/supervisor training on the specific operation and use of these technologies.

Trimble Total Station Training

Trimble has several SPS Robotic Total Stations that are regularly used in site survey and site machine control. Total stations offer very precise accuracy and can be integrated with and used in synergy with Trimble GNSS positioning equipment and Trimble Machine control to offer a greater degree of accuracy and control for those projects which require greater accuracy. SITECH offers additional and supplemental training for Trimble Robotic Total Station use with Trimble Construction Field Software and Trimble Machine Control equipment.

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