Contractor Tools

Contractor tools are available for pickup or delivery to your jobsite. We carry flat plane lasers, grade lasers, and interior lasers from Spectra Precision, utility locators from Schonstedt, ground penetrating radar, the entire Seco Accessories catalog, safety gear from Kishigo, and much more.

Lasers and Levels

LL500 Flat Plane Laser
Spectra LL500 Flat Plane Level
LL300N Flat Plane Laser
Spectra LL300N Flat Plane Laser
GL412N Grade Laser
Spectra GL412N Grade Laser
GL622N Grade Laser
Spectra GL622N Grade Laser
GL1425C Grade Laser
Spectra GL1425C Grade Laser
Spectra Interior Lasers
Spectra LT58G Interior Laser
Nikon AP-8 Auto Level
Nikon AP-8 Auto Level


Schonstedt U-Locate
Schonstedt U-Locate
Schonstedt Rex
Schonstedt Rex
Schonstedt GA-52Cx
Schonstedt GA-52Cx
Schonstedt Maggie
Schonstedt Maggie

More Tools

Sensoft LMX200
Sonsoft LMX200 Ground Penetrating Radar
Seco Accessories
Seco accessories
Kishigo Safety
Kishigo Safety Vests
Marking Paint
Stakes, Lath, & Ginnies

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