BACKDJI-DatuMate Bundle

DJI-DatuMate bundle is a site survey solution is a professional surveying suite for civil engineering, construction and infrastructure mapping. The comprehensive set of professional imaging and mapping tools has everything you need to boost productivity and grow your business. Expedite deliveries and lower your costs with DJI-DatuMate bundle.


  • Fully automated, >end-to-end Field-to-Plan solution
  • Extended battery life and high-speed flight drone
  • Intuitive and simple operation
  • The quickest route to a working model
  • Sage operation with drone safety checks and Active Obstacle Avoidance
  • Tailored for prodessional surveying jobs, survey grade accuracy


DJI-DatuMate bundle inlcudes:

  • DJI Phanton 4 Drone Pro
  • DatuFly professional imagery app for drones
  • DatuSurvey, intuitive field-to-plan software with survey grade accuracy
  • DatuSite, designated software solution for field construcion and infrastracture