SiteVision for Urban Transportation and Planning

With the visualization tools to overlay design data into real-world settings at true-to-life scale in real time, you can quickly create and communicate a laser-accurate picture of how your plans will come to life. From new intersection designs to road realignments, new bridges and tunnels, SiteVision makes it easy to communicate with all stakeholders.

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SiteVision Features

Data Support

Visualize all of your planning models—from concepts in SketchUp and feasibility study models in Trimble Quantm to detailed interchange designs from Autodesk® AutoCAD®—in formats you use: SKP, KML, SHP, DWG, VCL and IFC. SiteVision is ready to help communicate your route at any stage of the project.

Model Positioning

Georeferenced models are automatically positioned, or you can accurately position your model on site using measurements, relative to property lines or other site control points. At the pre-feasibility stage, manually drag, drop and orient your model on site.

Visualization Tools

View fully attributed models, toggle between 2D and 3D views and show proposed changes relative to property lines and other constraints in a real-world view to create a realistic sense of visual impact on stakeholders and the environment.


Take augmented reality photos, measurements and notes with the affected parties on-site, and share them for further consideration through Trimble Connect.