SiteVision for Residential Development

Gain a competitive advantage by being among the first in the industry to offer virtual home showings at 1:1 scale in real environments. Potential buyers can explore models inside and out with interactive tools such as transparency view and cross-sectioning to tour any of your homes more in-depth than if they were in an actual model home.

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SiteVision Features

Data Support

From concept models in SketchUp, through the detailed design in an Autodesk® AutoCAD® design, to the constructible model in Trimble Business Centre SiteVision works with design models in .SKP, .VCL, .IFC and .DWG formats.

Model Positioning

Georeferenced models are automatically positioned, or you can accurately position your model on-site using measurements relative to property boundaries or other site control points. At the pre-feasibility stage, you can manually drag, drop and orient your model.

Visualization Tools

Toggle between 2D and 3D views of detailed, fully textured models, section through the streets, services and buildings, adjust the visible layers and level of detail and see real-world comparisons with the transparency slider.

Review Your Design

Select different designs to review with just a click. Visualize a design option in its environment and decide whether that is what you want to build or not. Easily present different designs to your clients for them to choose from.

Connect Residences

Create the profile of a trench for your house connections, measure the trench alignment and send the design directly to excavators equipped with Trimble Earthworks


Take augmented reality photos, measurements and notes with the prospective purchaser on-site and share them for further consideration through Trimble Connect.