Trimble Roadworks 2D Paving Control Platform

Trimble® Roadworks 2D Paving Control Platform

Trimble Roadworks 2D for Asphalt Pavers is a new platform for paving control systems. The platform incorporates new hardware and software, while also utilizing existing Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform hardware and a familiar user interface similar to Trimble Earthworks Software.

Trimble Roadworks is the successor to the Trimble PCS400 Paving control System. It incorporates and enhances the features of PCS400 with refreshed and improved user experience, hardware, kitting, and software. Several additional new features for 2D paving are included in this release.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lay the finished surface with accuracy to 0.01 feet (3 millimeters)
  • Pave within a tighter tolerance and get closer to the minimal asphalt thickness specification
  • Achieve smoothness specifications
  • Minimize use of expensive material
  • Reduce labor costs by controlling the screed with one operator
  • Eliminate operator mistakes with the easy-to-use display interface


Trimble Roadworks utilizes many of the same hardware components as Trimble Earthworks:

  • Trimble EC520 Electronic Controller (IMU not used for Roadworks 2D)
  • Trimble VM510 Valve Module
  • Trimble AA510 Audible Alarm

Trimble Roadworks utilizes the ruggedized Trimble TD510 Display:

  • Two tactile feedback keypads on both sides
  • Keypads are paired to the system and connected via harnessing
  • Up to three displays may be used on the Trimble Roadworks System for 2D asphalt paving

Trimble Roadworks features a new housing box assembly for hardware components

  • Mounted in a single location
  • Simplified installation
  • Utilizes extension cables to reach paver connection points


Trimble Roadworks leverages the power of the Android OS:

  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Users can edit measured and target values directly
  • User can change sensor combinations with a screen press
  • Web interface allows operators and technicians to configure the system
  • Pair displays to the system
  • Complete valve calibrations
  • Manage files
  • Monitor device statuses

Additional Features

  • Separation of Controls and Display: the system is controlled by the EC520 and not by the display(s)
  • Text Items: a slide bar in the lower part of the display may be configured with text items (elevation left, elevation right, and cross slope)
  • Upgrading: the system can be upgraded without any additional software or tools
  • Information Sync: Files can be synched to and from the system via USB
  • Remain in Autos While in Menus: Operators can now enter screen menus without being disengaged from autos while doing so
  • Information Messages: information messages remain on the screen while operator can enter menus to take corrective action
  • Edit Measured Values Directly: measured sensor values can now be changed directly using a press and hold action
  • Numerical Entry: the measured or target value can be entered directly using a numerical keypad
  • System Snapshots (ZSNAPs): a system snapshot captures a screen shot of the display as well as the valve calibration, log files, and CAN traffic for approximately the last 5 minutes
  • Trimble LR410 Laser Receiver Support: the LR410 can be utilized as a 2D sensor with Trimble Roadworks 2D

Existing 2D Paving Sensors

2D sensors and sensor kits used in the PCS400 Paving Control System are supported and utilized in Trimble Roadworks. The 2D sensors and kits specifically supported include:

  • Trimble ST200 and ST220 Sonic Sensor add-on kits
  • Trimble AS200 Angle Sensor
  • Trimble CS200 Contact Sensor add-on kit
  • NA and EU Averaging Beam upgrade kits

Trimble PCS 900 3D Paving Control System and Trimble Roadworks 2D

The Trimble PCS900 3D Paving Control System fo4r asphalt pavers can be installed as the 3D system over the Trimble Roadworks 2D system. If utilizing PCS900 3D for asphalt paving over a Trimble Roadworks 2D system, the 2D machine control selection will remain as PCS400.


The Trimble Roadworks simulator is a useful training tool for configuring the operator interface, web interface, and simulate paving operations on a PC or TD510.