Trimble PCS900 for Milling Machines

Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System reduces the amount of asphalt needed to achieve the final surface while also increasing smoothness. Milling a base using 3D design technology will dramatically reduce the need use additional asphalt to fill in multiple low spots throughout a project. 

The 3D design is displayed to the machine operator showing areas that are on, above, or below ideal grade. Comparing the actual drum position and slope with the digital design, PCS900 automatically guides the milling drum to cut the ideal depth and slope without string lines or manual adjustments. 3D milling will remove long longitudinal road waves and longitudinal high and low spots. Use of this system also eliminates the need for stringlines.


Features and Benefits

Using PCS900 on your milling machine provides several benefits:

  • Smoother Base - Mill at variable depth and slope to remove the existing undulations, creating a smoother surface for paving
  • Trimble Hot Swap technology - Ensures a smooth transition between total stations, so you won’t need to re-mill out bumps
  • Shorter Lane Shutdowns - Trucks can run more efficiently unhindered by stringline and stakes
  • Reduced Machine Wear - By only milling to the depth required, the machine will burn less fuel and experience less teeth wear
  • Less Material To Remove - Fewer trucks and cost required to remove waste material
  • Less Asphalt Usage- Mill off the minimum depth and use less asphalt for the final surface



  • variable paving and slope projects
  • projects where the use of stringline is prescribed
  • airports, highways, tunnels, parking lots and commercial surfaces