Trimble PCS900 3D for Pavers

Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System adds the accuracy and flexibility of 3D technology and allows you to pave with variable depth and slope based on the 3D design. 3D technology resolves the problems inherent to stringline because it eliminates time consuming and costly manual setup and possible human errors, eliminates the possibility that stringlines can be moved or damaged. It also improves truck productivity with less travelling and maneuvering around the stringlines.

With Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System you can mill at variable depth and slope, eliminating undulations and preparing a smoother sub-surface for new asphalt. When used in conjunction with a paver equipped with PCS400 or PCS900, the end result is a significantly smoother road surface using less material and finished in less time.


Benefits and features:

Using PCS900 on your milling machine provides several benefits:

• Smoother base—mill out the existing undulations, creating a smoother surface for paving
• Shorter lane shutdowns—trucks can run more efficiently unhindered by stringline and stakes
• Reduced machine wear—by only milling to the depth required, the machine will burn less fuel and experience less teeth wear
• Less material to remove—fewer trucks and cost required to remove waste material
• Less asphalt usage—mill off the minimum depth and use less asphalt for the final surface