Trimble CCS900 for Asphalt Compactors

Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System increases efficiency and produces a better quality mat. The CCS900 system eliminates much of the guess work from asphalt paving operations and helps achieve more consistent compaction to target design density over the entire material layer. With CCS900 operator will be able to roll a more efficient pattern and can thus increase productivity and save fuel. 


Benefits and features

  • A full-color graphical display
  • View compaction progress, pass counts and mat temperature information on an easy-to-use color display
  • Monitor pass counts only or pass counts plus temperature
  • Add temperature sensors or precision accuracy
  • Document compaction operations on site with an optional in-cab printer



  • Use one workflow from the initial design model to the last pass of the compactor
  • Leverage on-machine components for milling, asphalt paving and compaction
  • Monitor and analyze compaction efficiency from the office