Trimble GCS900 3D for Excavators

Grade Control for Excavators

Trimble GCS900 3D Grade Control System can be installed on excavators with standard buckets or tilt buckets for mass excavation projects. GCS900 also supports tilt rotator attachments.

Grade Control works in any environment with a flexible system that can use either GNSS or total stations. It uses two GNSS receivers and solid state angle sensors to measure the precise 3D position of the teeth of the bucket. GCS900 3D tracks GPS, GLONASS and Galileo signals and quickly performs complex tasks and simplifies finishing slopes with accurate 3D positioning. Use the system on excavators with tilt buckets for shaping V-ditches and operations where the excavator is digging a slope that is not perpendicular to the boom.



  • Single GNSS
  • Measures the position and slope of the blade and compares that to design data for rough grading and mass excavation on complex design surfaces
  • Dual GNSS
  • Measures the exact position, cross slope and heading of the blade for rough grading and mass excavation on steep slopes and complex design surfaces
  • Single or Dual GNSS with Laser Augmentation
  • Single and dual GNSS systems enhanced with laser augmentation to improve vertical accuracy for high accuracy guidance to complex design surfaces such as super-elevation grading from rough through finished grade work
  • Universal Total Stations
  • Total station-based system for extreme accuracy for lift and layer control, material monitoring, or where GNSS is not the ideal solution because of overhead obstructions



Used with a total station, single or dual GNSS receivers, GCS900 3D is ideal for bulk earthwork, grading and fine grading applications such as:

  • Material spreading
  • Highway and railway construction
  • Airport construction
  • Concrete pours and slab placement
  • Residential and commercial site construction
  • Land reclamation
Trimble Grade Control System