Trimble R750 GNSS Modular Receiver

Trimble R750 GNSS Modular Receiver gives you the connectivity, flexibility, and scalability to meet the exact needs of your GNSS-based workflow.

As a permanent or semi-permanent base station, it provides GNSS corrections for site measurements and machine control. As a vehicle-mounted rover it can be used for fast, effective grade checking and surface mapping.

The R750 receiver can access all available satellite signals and provides improved performance and reliability in challenging GNSS conditions using constellation-agnostic Trimble ProPoint™ technology. Reliably transfer data from the field to the office to keep everyone on the same page. The modular R750 receiver is available in a range of options to suit your jobsite requirements in a wide variety of civil and marine construction applications. Simply purchase the receiver that you need today, and upgradeas your needs change.


  • Integrated 4G LTE modem
  • Integrated radio option for base and rover tasks
  • Slanted waterproof front panel with a large viewable area
  • Uses off-the-shelf USB C power delivery to extend operating time
  • Configurable as a precise RTK base station only
  • Configurable as a precise rover only
  • Configurable as a flexible precise base or rover with Precision RTK accuracy
  • Rapid base station setup with a single button push using Trimble Autobase™ technology


  • Place receiver inside and optional external antenna outside to keep the unit secure from theft and weather
  • Manage remotely
  • Using Trimble ProPoint™ technology gives you advanced signal filtering and error modeling, and better protection against jamming, spoofing, and multipath interference
  • Broadcast RTK corrections from a remote base over the internet using the integrated LTE modem and Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS). Receive RTK corrections directly from Trimble VRS Now or other NTRIP internet correction services.
The Base to Your Connected Site Trimble R750 GNSS Modular Receiver