Earthworks for Motor Graders

Grade Control for Motor Graders

The Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control Platform for motor graders helps operators of all levels leave a quality surface in their tracks. The latest release in the Earthworks family, the software was created in collaboration with construction equipment operators around the world. The interface is optimized for ease-of-use and productivity, giving operators of all skill levels the ability to work faster and more productively than ever before. Earthworks for motor graders gives you a first-pass finish that’s second to none.

Features and Benefits:

  • New 10-inch (25.7 centimeter) Trimble TD520 touch-screen Android™ display
  • Colorful graphics, natural interactions and gestures make Earthworks intuitive and easy to learn
  • Operator’s can personalize the interface to match their workflow
  • Transfer data files to or from the office wirelessly and automatically so you’ve always got the latest design
  • Using the Android operating system means you can download other useful application’s
  • Blade-mounted Dual GNSS system
  • A variety of configurable views make it easier to see the right perspective for maximum productivity

Dual GNSS Accuracy

Trimble, a leader in precision measurement technology, pioneered the dual GNSS solution to meet the needs of the construction industry. Dual GNSS provides real-time position and heading of the machine for guidance of the motor grader blade in 3D, enabling faster reaction times and enhanced performance. The IMU-based system offers even better GNSS performance for more accuracy and stability. The platform supports multiple correction services, including VRS and Internet Base Station Service (IBSS). And when a correction source is temporarily unavailable, the Trimble xFill feature will fill in the gaps to maximize up-time.

Trimble Earthworks for Motor Graders DUAL GNSS