LOADRITE Communication Interface (LCI)

The LOADRITE Communication Interface (LCI) is a monitoring application with control functionality for LOADRITE conveyor belt weighing systems. It is a collection point for weighing data from multiple conveyor belt scales throughout a plant. Weighing and operating data including flow rate, total weight and conveyor belt running status are displayed. The operator can view the current production or review the production up to 24 hours. In addition, the operator can also zero and clear all connected LOADRITE belt scales remotely and enter downtime reasons.

The LCI works seamlessly together with the LOADRITE INSIGHT reporting software to form a tailor-made solution.



  • Monitor live production remotely on one display and be able to react faster to changes in the production process
  • Monitor live inefficiencies (i.e. downtime and black belt time) and machine utilization
  • Code downtime reasons to identify causes for inefficient plant performance
  • Zero and Clear all scales remotely and from the one location
  • Utilize modern communication devices/ infrastructure to optimize plant and staff performance