Trimble WorksManager Software

WorksManager Software

Trimble® WorksManager allows users to wirelessly transfer data such as 3D designs to the construction site, increasing efficiency and saving drive time. Supervisors and data managers will be sure that the right machines or data collectors are always using the current design. A practical dashboard shows managers an overview of their sites. Contractors can prevent costly mistakes and rework by seeing their construction technology in the field in real time.

Features and Benefits

Always Connected and Up to Date

  • Easy to use workflows keep current information at your fingertips
  • Mobile friendly, data is available when and where you need it
  • Integrates with the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform, Trimble Siteworks Positioning System and Trimble Business Center
  • Up-to-the-minute, actionable data empowers you to run your business more confidently and profitably
  • Limit the risk of miscommunication to and from the field with automatic data transferring
  • Seamless Transfer
  • Easily transfer data to and from devices over the internet
  • Stream corrections to your devices

Jobsite Visibility

  • Keep track of the location of your devices and machines with detailed activity information
  • Intuitive dashboard shows an at-a-glance view of your digital assets and design information wherever you are
  • Monitor operations to keep the job on track and keep costs down
  • Remote Assistance
  • Troubleshoot issues in the field from the office
  • Efficiently support the team in the field from wherever you are, react quickly when things go wrong and get everyone back to work faster


WorksManager seamlessly connects the office and the site to improve a variety of workflows. For example:

  • WorksManager enables foremen to supervise and coordinate multiple crews and multiple projects from one location
  • Site supervisors can trust that the correct design is being used in the field
  • WorksManager gives data prep professionals the confidence that their changes are being communicated and applied at the site
  • WorksManager can extend the range of existing base station corrections so GPS and Survey managers can send crews out over a larger area

How it Works

The WorksManager software workflow has 6 simple steps:

  • Create Project
  • Create Design
  • Publish Design
  • Load Design
  • Manage and Monitor
  • Remote Assistance

Integrates With:

  • Trimble Siteworks Positioning System
  • Trimble Business Center
  • Grade Control for Excavators
  • Grade Control for Motor Graders
  • Grade Control for Dozers
  • Grade Control for Wheel Loaders
  • Grade Control for Scrapers
  • Grade Control for Compact Machines
Trimble WorksManager