Trimble Controller Software

Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software is an easy-to-use field software that enables grade checkers, site engineers, site surveyors, supervisors, and foremen to do their jobs more efficiently. From initial site reconnaissance to finished as-built collection, SCS900 provides tools to collect and distribute site measurements, perform stake out tasks, manage multiple work orders and job sites, monitor progress, and report the result, without the need for a contract surveyor. The software organizes job site information and facilitates instant decision-making, while troubleshooting site problems and managing day-to-day operations. This structured approach to data management reduces errors and associated rework, and allows productivity and performance of field crews to be monitored and analyzed.


Features and Benefits

  • Conduct your own site positioning tasks without a contract surveyor to set stakes or compute volumes to save you money
  • Increase productivity, eliminate mistakes, and drive consistency - even with inexperienced operators
  • Look up designs and position information quickly and easily
  • Make decisions instantly, troubleshoot site problems and manage day to day operations
  • Organize data for multiple crews for rapid access and automated retrieval of information in the field or office
  • Make sure that crews and the office data manager have the same, correct and latest information about the job site