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The Trimble Site Tablet 10 is a new and improved tablet controller ruggedized to stand up to any construction site, in any weather. The vibrant display is powerfully illuminated, so you can finish any job fast, even in bright sunlight conditions. The long life lithium ion batteries ensure hours of field computing and Connected Site® operation. Connect your office to the field with the Trimble Site Tablet, a rugged and fully connected field computer for construction measurements and site positioning. 

The Trimble Site Tablet 10 is compatible with both Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software and Trimble SitePulse™ fields software. When paired with SCS900, the Site Tablet 10 is ideal for construction surveying, stockpile measurements and
grade verification. Alternatively, field managers can use the Site Tablet 10 with SitePulse software for planning, site navigation, and reporting tasks.


Use the Trimble Site Tablet 10 and SCS900 Site Controller Software with a Trimble SPS GNSS Receiver or Total Station for:

  • Measuring and verifying original ground levels and site featuresTRIMBLE SITE TABLET
  • Monitoring real-time cut/fill information
  • Checking finished grade and laid material thickness against design elevations and tolerances
  • Computing progress and material stockpile volumes
  • Monitoring, and conducting quality control for earthworks and paving operations
  • Assessing as-built measurements and generating high quality reports for record keeping, approvals, and payment purposes
  • Synchronizing design and field data via the Internet