InsightHQ is a quarry management portal for your web browser or mobile device. It shows near real time productivity, availability and performance dashboards and reports for extraction, processing and load-out.

InsightHQ provides visibility to respond to issues, optimize productivity, availability and performance in real time. It provides access to live reports at your fingertips, with totals for each customer, product and machine. To view changes over time, you can adjust reports to suit either the shift, day, week, month or year. 


Features and benefits

  • Compatibility with any web browser. No software to install or access permissions from the IT department
  • Remote or on-site access. See your quarry status from anywhere in the world
  • Near real-time data visibility. No more waiting for reports
  • Secure, accurate and reliable. Data is unfiltered, password protected, encrypted, with 99% uptime



  • Snapshot overview of your LOADRITE scales and InsightHQ applications
  • Equipment management for your LOADRITE fitted equipment, this includes reports and interactive maps for loaders, conveyors and haul trucks
  • Product management data
  • Comparing data across all three zones of your quarry (pit, processing and loadout) at multiple management levels (operator efficiency, machine utilization, product and material movement) across multiple sites
  • Custom data tables using your LOADRITE scale data
  • Site data management, including viewing raw device data, customizing site and scale descriptions, managing Indicator lists and geo-fence settings