Spectra Precision DR400

The Spectra Precision® DR400 DigiRod™ is a versatile, revolutionary tool that eliminates the need for grade rods when checking grades with a rotating laser. The combination of a laser receiver with digital readout, laser distance meter, and built-in tilt sensor provide the information required to take rod-less, accurate grade readings, even at tilt angles up to 30 degrees.

Various grade rods can be emulated including direct elevation rods, cut/fill rods and indirect reading rods. Units of measure are selectable with the press of a button in meters, decimal feet or fractional inches. Elevation measurements can be taken up to 6 meters (20 feet) and the tilt sensor ensures accuracy by automatically correcting to actual vertical distance. The user simply places the laser distance meter spot on the location a grade check is required, picks up the rotating laser beam anywhere on the reception window, and the distance from ground to the rotating beam is measured and displayed.

Based upon the popular HL700 Laserometer, the DR400 DigiRod functions as a laser receiver and will work with any rotational red beam laser.

As a stand-alone laser distance meter, the DigiRod is designed to give contractors a one-person distance measuring and estimating tool to measure remote and difficult-to-reach places such as high overheads, factory interiors, or over water.



As DigiRod

  • Extremely portable, universal system that eliminates the need to carry, transport, or maintain multiple grade rod types
  • Increases safety, reducing the need to lean over or go into excavations or trenches
  • Increases accuracy, the internal angle compensation system reduces errors and extra material costs due to tilted grade rods
  • Increases productivity by always having the correct rod on-hand, and eliminating tool marks on screeded concrete
  • Easy to learn, easy to use - the simple graphical display and bright backlight allow for fast readings in low light
  • Works with existing rotating lasers, increasing productivity with a fast payback

As a Rod Mounted Digital Laserometer

  • Digital Readout of Elevation allows faster readings by displaying the exact numerical distance from grade, eliminating the need to move the receiver to get to "on-grade".
  • Anti-Strobe Sensor stops construction strobe lights from setting off the receiver, and eliminates phantom strikes for easier identification of true laser beam signals.
  • Large 12.7 cm (5 inch) reception height allows faster readings by acquiring the beam quickly, and makes it easier to stay in the beam.
  • Universal Reversible Clamp for square or oval rods
  • Simultaneous elevation LEDs and bright backlight reinforces the elevation display in low light for faster readings

As Handheld Laser Distance Meter

  • Increases productivity by one tool having multiple applications
  • Increases safety by allowing one person to make accurate readings in difficult-to-reach areas
  • Increases accuracy, eliminating issues with sagging or mis-held tapes at different temperatures




Setting and checking jobsite elevation and depth for:

  • Cut and fills
  • General grading
  • Foundations, forms, and footings
  • Excavations

One person distance measuring to 50 meters (160 ft)